DJ Khaled?s marriage proposal to Nicki Minaj was a strange development in the world of hip-hop this week but Rick Ross has encouraged Nicki to accept the offer from the popular Florida-based spin doctor.

Even though he?s close with Khaled, he told Power 106 that he had no idea it was going down.

?It was some chatter going around, but I can?t say that I knew, but it was some chatter,? Ross told Los Angeles? Power 106 host Rikki Martinez.?Time to sit that a** on his lap.?
The initial video proposal was aired on MTV and replayed through various blogs and websites. The 10-carat ring has been valued at roughly $500,000. Some have theorized that the proposal is a hoax, Ross said otherwise to Martinez. ?He has a ring valued at about half-a-million dollars,? Rozay reasoned. ?If they tie the knot, I have to most definitely represent like a boss.?

At press time, Nicki Minaj had not commented publicly.


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