Ghana?s baddest female disk jockey DJ Kess, could well upgrade from the first biggest female DJ to the first ever female producer in the country.

The turn table monster considered to be one of the finest made this revelation during a conversation with her at ?The Loaded Party? which took place at the Lizzy Sports Complex in Accra.

??I?ve always wanted to do this, music production has been one of my passions and I have been working hard towards it??.

She further disclosed recording several songs which are yet to be released with the notable one being done with her cousin Pappy Kojo who is known for hit songs like Realer No & Ay3 Late. DJ Kess rose to mainstream fame when she used to host a segment with Jereme on Y107.9fm called YLounge.

She has also played major shows; one notable event was DJ Kess flying all the way to South Africa to play for the Big Brother reality show audience and housemates.



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