Without any bit of doubt, DJ Black known in real life as Kwadwo Ampofo is a delight to watch as a DJ and has over the past years won the hearts of many either via his radio shows or during his gigs he?s played.

His dexterity behind the turntables is just unparalleled and that?s what he does in the video below as he threw back some hit hiplife tracks on the weekend warmer on Joy FM but hey, he has word for all who can?t accept the fact that he?s on top of his game.

In the video below, DJ Black is quoted as saying, ?That?s right, you know? DJ Black, I?ve been doing this for years, if you can?t accept this..then F you?.

Well, before you go on to judge, his utterance was not aired live on air but off air and I guess no hard feelings. The brother was just having fun. Yeah, some of the things that go on off air as On Air Personalities.



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