The funds directed through THETA-Uganda are meant to support a three year project in the districts of Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono.

Speaking while meeting Wakiso district local leaders at the district headquarters on Tuesday, Dr. Joseph Baguma executive director THETA ?Uganda said, the funds are meant to improve access to HIV/AIDS healthcare for MARPS, in these districts.

?The main reason why we targeted this group, it is because they are the major source of new infections within the national HIV/AIDS response,? Baguma said.

?MARPS are contributing close to 16 percent of the new infections, and without targeting them directly it will be difficult as a country to achieve an HIV free generation,? he warned. Currently the National HIV/AIDS prevalence rate stands at 7.3%.

Most at risk populations include fishing communities, sex workers, long distance truck drivers, and injecting drug users, mobile men with money and bodaboda riders among others.

Baguma further revealed that his organization will work directly with the civil society organizations working with MARPS in these districts.

He added that the main aim of working with the CSOs is to ensure that they empower MARPS to have information where to get HIV/AIDS services from, demand for HIV services and address barriers which affects access to services like stigma and discrimination among others.

Wakiso district health officer Dr. Emmanuel Mukisa said; the ministry of health has set up set light clinics in areas of Kajjansi and Kasanje for most at risk populations.

?We have so many truckr drivers and fishermen in these areas; we think that the clinics will help MARPS get HIV/AIDS services.?

Mukisa said that they are going to train the health workers who will be working in these clinics and provide them with the necessary drugs.

He said currently the prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in Wakiso district among the MARPS is not less than 35 percent.

By Violet Nabatanzi, The New Vision


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