Most regions and districts in Ghana have received their ballot materials ahead of next Friday’s general election, according to the Principal Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Electoral Commission (EC), Sylvia Annoh.

She promised that the remaining regions and areas which were yet to be covered would receive their materials before the opening of polls in a week’s time.

Speaking to Xinhua via telephone, Annoh said the electoral materials included ballot papers, biometric machines, and verification machines as well as ballot boxes.

The EC conducted biometric voter registration in April and May to replace the old manual voters’ register and introduced verification machines to ensure truly free, fair and transparent elections on Friday.

Concerns have however been raised by the political parties about possible breakdown in the machines since they are going to be used for the first time in the Dec. 7 polls.

“We have backup machines in every area so there would be quick replacement in the case of a breakdown,” Annoh assured.

Concerns about how party supporters, who might seek to protect their ballots in what is expected to be very keenly contested polls, may conduct themselves on Election Day also abound among stakeholders

The EC official however warned that anyone who stays close to the polling stations after casting ballots risked being arrested by the police.

She stressed that the police and designated security officials who would be deployed on Election Day were up to the task of protecting ballot materials.

Additionally, she said party agents would be accredited to observe the polls and so there would be no need for voters to hang around to protect their ballots.

“We cannot have too many people hanging around the polling stations. The police can ask you to leave or have you arrested if you resist,” she warned. Endi



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