The existence of a Nation can be said to be as a result of the success or the contribution of its standing Army i.e. Laws and Principles of a nation becomes acknowledgeable due to the very existence of the Army that because a law becomes a law becasue of what is backing it up, in other words has simply put by Ranti Afowowe:

” No Army! No Nation”

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Travelling from one?s Home town to Abuja, perhaps, can be quite risky especially with the security threats the nation is facing, but recently the journey has been so smooth that one wouldn?t be disturbed by any kind of insecurity apart from the poor road conditions which applies to almost all roads in this nation except few.
As rightly concluded by Audu Echono and Mandyen Brenda Anzaki, they said,

?No doubt, checkpoints are absolutely necessary especially with the current security situation in Nigeria today but they cannot and should not be a platform for extortion, indiscipline and the unnecessary log jams that has characterised these checkpoints. It is also clearly time for other methods of achieving security and safer roads to be exploited, especially effective use of technology which ultimately cuts down time spent at these checkpoints.?
From my hometown, Ile-Ife to Abuja, if I am not mistaken, there should be more than 12 Army check points, though there are other check points mounted by other uniformed men perhaps due to the insecurities the nation is facing. One and of course the most paramount thing one would notice is the durability and the composure of these Nigeria Army officers. They ask questions with great manners. For example:

Hello sir, where you coming from?

Hope you are enjoying your journey?

These soldiers are of great standard, and one hardly sees them delaying people except when needed and of course they are up to their tasks, they don’t engage in unnecessary jokes and talks.
Apart from safeguarding Nigerians from the rampant evil vices on our highways, the Nigeria Army is also on the battle field with the Boko Haram Terrorists who are antagonizing and disturbing the peace of this Nation. However, the Nigeria Army with all her unending efforts in safeguarding the Nation is just asking for one thing from us and I personally think that the task is so simple. ?Do Not wear Our Camouflage?.

Many will wonder if it is illegal for civilians to wear camouflage. Well the answer to that is simple and to my best knowledge it is illegal depending on the scenario. Not every offence is spelt out in the constitution explicitly. For example, you can be charged for impersonation if you wear a camouflage. Some Celebrities wear it for certain performances or shows, and if perhaps they are caught on the streets with it, they can be charged for impersonation.

Also, there are different kinds of camouflage. There are camouflages for fashion and there are camouflages for the military. You shouldn?t wear military camouflage. Why would one choose to use military paraphernalia when he/she is not in d military?

Wearing the Nigeria Army Camouflage is the highest point of insult on the Army. The wearing of the Nigeria camouflage by Nigeria Artists is a very unfriendly development; those who are expected to tell and preach the gospel of ?Don’t wear Nigeria Army Camouflage? are the ones doing it.

In conclusion, Many may not find the “Don’t wear Nigeria Army Camouflage? write-up as very interesting, but it seems it is high time the Nigeria Army deals with anyone found putting on the Army Camouflage because such person may have misrepresented himself and made people around him think he is a military man while he is not. Anyone who is therefore fond of dressing up in the Army Camouflage should desist from such act as it is disrespectful to the Nigeria Army.


Odeyele Ayodeji is a graduate of History and International studies,from Osun state University,Osogbo.


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