Weymouth holiday cottages are the best accommodations you can ever find when you go to Weymouth for your holidays.  They are self-catering luxurious and comfortable places to stay in during your vacation. The spacious Weymouth holiday cottages are near the many restaurants where you might want to have a delicious meal together with your family.  Although the luxurious Weymouth holiday cottages allow you to cook your meals in its kitchenettes, you might want to take a break from kitchen work and instead pay a visit to the many interesting restaurants that are nearby.  What holiday would be complete if you do not get the chance to try out the many different cuisines in the area.  Here are some places that you would really love to try out while you are staying at the prestigious Weymouth holiday cottages.

Le Petit Canard

One of the most delicious and popular cuisines in the world is French cuisine.

Close to the beautiful Weymouth holiday cottages, you can find a great French restaurant, Le Petit Canard. It is located on Maiden Newton, Dorchester. Many satisfied customers have been going to the restaurant for the past 10 years. You can enjoy the restaurant’s warm ambiance as well as its excellent service.  Only the best ingredients and meats are used by the chef for the delicious dishes that are served at the restaurant. Some of the must-try dishes that you can find at the restaurant include tenderloin of pork, roast ribs and roasted duck with orange and ginger. This restaurant is definitely one of the best places you can go to if you want to enjoy a fine French dinner with your family or friends. You can visit the restaurant for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday but lunch is only available on the first and third Sunday. It is so easy to get out of your Weymouth holiday cottages and go to Le Petit Canard with your family or friends during your holidays.


You can get to choose a stay at the beautiful Weymouth holiday cottages and get the chance to truly enjoy your holiday in Weymouth. It will give you the most comfortable stay you can ever have during your holiday.  Prezzo is where you can get the best Italian meal and it is just quite near the comfortable Weymouth holiday cottages. It would be best to make the necessary reservations before going to the restaurant. All dishes are cooked to perfect and only the best ingredients are used.  That is why Prezzo has been bringing in a lot of visitors. Have a treat during your holidays and have a great dinner at Prezzo.

The Riverside Restaurant

One of the best seafood restaurants around is the Riverside Restaurant which is located at West Bay in Dorset and is just near your Weymouth holiday cottages. This restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in the country but has always satisfied its many guests with the delicious dishes that they have. You get the choice of sitting at the side that is facing the river or the side where you get a spectacular view of the countryside as well as the sea. The ambiance at the Riverside Restaurant is very friendly and comfortable. You must visit the restaurant while you are staying at the comfortable Weymouth holiday cottages and get the chance to have some of the freshest and best delicious dishes in the county. Wines from South America, South Africa, New Zealand, England and Europe are yours to choose from.

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