My undivided attention has been drawn to a publication on Ghanaweb which is purported to have been authored by me (Edmond Kombat). The publication was sourced from Spyghana on Monday, 17th September, 2012 with the above caption as its title.

??????????? I must admit that whilst i intended not to glorify the publication by reacting to it, I have been counseled to do so in the unfortunate event that such fabrications and indeed one sided vituperations received public applause.

??????????? I wish as a result to categorically put it on record, that the story is very false and never have I; Edmond Kombat issued any statement of that nature. Indeed, I was very much surprised as anyone concerning the allusions that were made in my name.

??????????? I further wish to state that this is a preliminary statement of fact and after sound legal advice, will in the coming days put to rest this unnecessary brouhaha per the release of a much more comprehensive statement.

??????????? Whilst doing so, advise is further being forwarded to sections of the media who have taken it upon themselves to depart from the GJA Code of Ethics which enjoins journalists to provide equal opportunities for both sides of a story to be given a platform before news items are presented.

??????????? Supplanted elements within the student fraternity who so wish to bask under political as well as media adulation, and as a result arrogate onto themselves the opportunity to once again divide and assume leadership over a paralyzed Union better not resort to these sort of crude, rabble rousing methods.

??????????? I wish to use this opportunity to assure all institutions and component blocs under NUGS that a new day has dawned, the dark days are over; this Peter Kwasi Kodjie and Osman Ayariga Abdulai year group of NUGS have handled the affairs of the Union to the best of their abilities, as was evidenced in a successful emergency congress for the purposes of election at GNAT Hall earlier this month. This would be climaxed with a well organized handing over ceremony within a fortnight.

I hope you will give this rejoinder the prominence which you gave to that press statement.




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