#BBATheChase: Dillish Thinks She Was Saved

It looks like Elikem?s Save and Replace is still weighing heavily on his fellow Chasemates minds.This afternoon as the Housemates sat in the lounge, Elikem asked Dillish who she thinks he saved last night.Without stumbling over her words or missing a beat, the Namibian cutie told the Ghanaian ?You saved me because I?m your friend and you then put Melvin up of course. You are very predictable. Trust me. It?s either Melvin or Beverly,? Dillish said in her princess voice. Elikem told Dillish ?you?re close,? which she obviously isn?t. Elikem Saved himself last night and put Angelo on the chopping block instead.How shocked will the Housemates be on Sunday during what looks to be the most dramatic Eviction of the Season? Very, according to Dillish. ?I know for a fact we will all be shocked. We will all roll on the floor,? she said, with a giggle. Last night, Dillish and Bimp consoled each other after the list of Nominess for possible Eviction were announced by Big Brother. Who ever doesn?t survive the cut this week will miss out on a spot in the Top 5!


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