The government has said the nation will be able to reach a wavelength of over 600 mega hertz if digital technology is applied unlike now, when the majority of people are still using analogue technology.

Science and Technology minister Prof. Makame Mbarawa

This was said by Communication, Science and Technology Minister Prof Makame Mbarawa, when briefing reporters on the development of digital technology in the country.

The minister said the advancement of the digital technology would boost the economy of the country.

“There will be an increase in tax and a reduction in communication expenses,” he explained.

He called upon members of the public to be ready for the adoption of digital technology when the time comes.

Prof Mbarawa said information and communication technologies were growing rapidly and acted as a catalyst for the development of social and economic development.

For his part, permanent secretary Dr Florence Turuka called upon Tanzanians to utilise the optic fibre where it had reached them to speed up digital technology.

“The government, through the Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology, in collaboration with the Institute of Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) will continue ensuring that changes in the advancement of technology were met without affecting technology and communication systems available today,” he said.

Source The Guardian


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