Digital Electronic BillboardBy Juliet Aguiar, Takoradi

Angelic Explo Tours, a company that is into a unique combination of technology, creativity and business strategy, has introduced Digital Electronic Billboards (DEB) to the business community in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis.

The platform consists of highly visible, double-sided, full-colour LED display screens mounted on top of taxis. As the taxis move through the city, the DEB delivers adverts and messages in spectacular fashion.

At the core of this platform is the Angelic Digital Network, which is a combination of central and remote systems that connect and manage digital screens in various configurations and locations, said Mr. Anthony Assifuah, Public Relations Officer of the company, at a media interaction in Takoradi.

?We can control the content displayed on any of the Digital Electronic Billboard screens from our office, regardless of the location the Digital Electronic Billboard itself — most forms of media such as pictures, videos, text and combinations of such graphics can be artistically, powerfully and effectively integrated and delivered in a number of formats,? he added.

According to him, the platform is ideal for advertising, announcements, creating awareness, and promotions — as well as running multiple campaigns simultaneously which are flexible and affordable.

Giving a scenario, he pointed out that a Taxi is a very active method of transportation — in one day a taxi can visit many unique locations within the city or it can repeatedly frequent very few locations, all the while in continuous view of onlookers.

?Every day is yet another opportunity for the client?s message to be seen; when mounted on one of the most widely-used forms of commercial transport, it becomes clear that the client?s advert will be exposed to more people per day than other forms of outdoor advertising.? he said.

The Chief Executive officer (CEO) of Angelic Explo Tours Mr. David Anusah said it is a platform that goes beyond traditional advertising by offering new ways for businesses to promote their products through utilising new and cutting-edge multi-media.

Also, he said the company gives Small and Medium Enterprises the opportunity to advertise — innovations do not have to come with a high price-tag, we have packages carefully tailored for everyone.

?We have tourism clubs in some of the schools within the metropolis, for the young ones to understand what tourism is about and learn our heritage among others,? he added.


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