Wires and cables are an integral part of our daily lives and we kind of take them for granted without realizing there are companies who manufacture these wires and cables and ensure they are absolutely safe to use and offer long lasting durability. A cable is a combination of two wires that are bonded and braided together to form a single assembly. These electrical cables are ideally meant for transmitting electrical power in industrial locations and buildings. Wires and cables are of various kinds and there are manufacturers who offer a range of products under this category, which also includes power cables and high voltage cables. Some of the different types of cables that are used for different applications include the following:

Power and Control cables for LT applications: This type of cable is extensively utilized in different types of transmission-based applications.

For instance XLPE power cable is meant for the usage of power transmission with voltage rated at 110V. XLPE power cable is known for its corrosion resistance, light weight and simple structure.

Multi Core Flexible Cables:

This type of cable is ideally meant for industries where electric connection is provided to different electrical components in medium and big sized industries. These are developed keeping in mind the challenges that any industry offers and how these cables and wires have to operate under tough situations. They should be completely resistant to different chemicals, oils and greases thereby ensuring they offer complete durability.

Submersible Flat Cables:

These submersible flat cables are particularly designed for submersible motor pumps. These cables have been developed to function under rough conditions therefore the endurance level is extremely high.

Aerial bunched cables:

Aerial bunched cables are also known as ABC and there are companies offering insulated aerial bunch cables. Well engineered and well designed, these aerial bunch cables are extremely resilient and are available at affordable rates. These cables are apt for overhead power transmission because they are extremely safe and reliable and can even minimize power losses. That’s not all it can even contribute towards minimizing installation, maintenance and operative costs.

Industrial cables:

Industrial cables are available in different sizes and types and can be used for different purposes. For instance there are industrial cables that are specifically meant for household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators while another kind of industrial cable is apt for instrumentation panels and switch control. There are some industrial cables that are meant to serve the purpose of wiring in dry or damp areas whereas on the other hand the arctic grade PVC cables are apt for outdoor industrial installations.

Welding cables:

Welding cables come in handy for transmitting high currents from the electric welding machine to the welding tool. These cables are perfectly designed to operate under challenging conditions such as assembly systems and conveyor lines. They are often used in manufacturing of cars and ship building.

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