When planning for your tours and travel in Kerala you need to think carefully about what type of trip you would like. Kerala is an incredibly diverse place not only in Flora and Fauna but also in the different types of destinations and activities available. This article explores a little into the different types of Kerala tours and travel and how you can decide the best tour for you.

Choosing a Tailormade tour

Deciding to have your tour planned for you is a great way of seeing this unique and beautiful state of India without the stress. By choosing this option you will undoubtedly pay a little more than you would if you were planning it yourself but every inch of stress and worry is removed meaning that you can fully relax and enjoy your trip. Having an expert plan your tour to Kerala for you also means that you will likely be taken to extra special places that you probably would not have found by yourself.

Going on a group tour

Travelling in Kerala as part of a group can be great fun but, depending on the group you travel with, it can be a bit of a drag.

There is no better feeling than sharing amazing experiences and stories with amazing people and that is why I am such an advocate of group tours. Travelling forms strong bonds and friendships which can last a life time. Group tours can either be arranged with you and your friends or can be done through a travel agency or tour operator and don’t worry, complaints about other group members are very infrequent and I think that the majority of people thoroughly enjoy their tour and without any personality clashes.

Relaxation or Adventure

Kerala offer adventure and relaxation in abundance and the chances are you will enjoy both but if spending a day on the beach doing nothing really isn’t your cup of tea then make sure you let your tour operator know.

At the same time if you really don’t fancy trekking all day then make sure you don’t plan to go to places where the only thing to do is trek.

Budget or Hostels

Over recent years kerala’s tourism industry has flourished and now it has some of the ebst hotels and resorts in Kerala. At the same time Kerala has been a popular backpacking destination for a very long time and has a well beaten and popular backpacking scene. Deciding one how you travel is entirely up to you and your budget.

Planning your tour

As you can see there are many options with regards to Kerala tours and travel. Choosing the best one for you is not very difficult. The best way to plan your trip is to gather multiple quotes and itineraries from different tour operators and then compare. Getting quotes is also very easy and can be done easily through the internet, phone of at your local travel agency. 

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