The youth wing in oil producing community (Diebiri-Batan) has call on the multibillion companies that are operating in their metropolis to begin with infrastructural development, skill acquisition programs and create indigenous job opportunity for the people.

image2“Before Nigeria gain her independence 1960 the stability of Nigeria economy rely upon the crude oil of the nation which some communities in the Niger-Delta region happen to be the occupant of those land (known as the ijaw people) these are the bread winners of the great federation Nigeria, said by Comr. Edokumor Victor Secretary General of Diebiri-Batan Youth Movement.

He Lamentedand this people that feeds the Nation is living in perpetual poverty , no development, absent of recognize institution, primary to universities level,no good roads, no drinkable water, no health centers and everything that leads to the wealthiness of Nigeria is from those communities, if the life of the people are not developed It will affect the present administration in the accpet of security and it will cause this Nation great chaos”.

ASYPETERS INFO HOUSE gather that Diebiri-Batan is an Ijaw Community that is located at riverine area, in Warri South-West Local Government area of Delta State, Nigeria, one of the key oil and gas-producing community.



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