Before you say the word I do or exchange vows, it is important to know what you really getting yourself into. I?m not saying that it is bad for you to marry, but it will be in your own interest to know much about the journey you are about to undertake. Going to the counselor is just not enough. He or she is going to tell you the same things he/she has been telling everyone but you must remember that you two are never just like those people that came for the session. That?s a more reason why you should dig more into issues before settling with the person. The following are things must take into consideration before you marry

The most important thing to know before you marry is that you love them and they love you. However there are many other things that discussing with you fianc? will help you enter your marriage with a better idea of who you are marrying. So many people complain of personality change after marriage?? this is not the woman I got married to?, ?if I knew you were like this, I would never have married you??.etc. people or married couples who utter some of these words were once crazy in love with each other. Please, be sure the person you are getting married to REALLY loves you same way you love him or her?else, fireworks


Another crucial thing about marriage is that, if the couple does not share common interest, it may backfire. This does not necessarily mean you two must be interested in almost everything but more importantly, things that may bring conflicts between you guys.


 Before you do, ask yourself these questions and try to access things from that point of view.
Do you agree with each other?s religious beliefs? If you go to different type of churches where will you attend together and how will the children be brought up?
Do you both have the same financial expectations, realizations, and plans?
If you are from different parts of the country, where will you live (near his family, near her family, or somewhere else)?
Do you agree on plans of how to share holidays with the two families? And how will this plan change when children enter the picture?
What do the two of you have in common?
Can you talk honestly with each other? Even about personal things?
Do you share similar political beliefs?


Also take in consideration the living habits of your spouse to be. If you are this type of person, if you like do this at very special time of the day what about your mate? How much television do they watch? Do they keep a budget or buy everything on impulse? How much do they work? For example, bathroom time, bedtime, and quality time are really important, and you need to know if there is major conflict with lifestyle timing. Handling money is also an issue that has to be agreed upon before the knot is tied. You also need to discuss who is going to cook and clean.


One more important thing to consider before getting married is to know what gets on the nerves of you partner to be? If you are truly ready to marry someone, this is an easy question. Believe me, if you haven?t gotten on their nerves yet, either they just didn?t tell you, or you will soon find out. No matter how much you love them, I am sure you can think of something that you don?t particularly like. Be honest about it with them, and practice not getting on each other?s nerves.

Source : Akosua Sekyewaa Oduro


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