Politicians commiserate with late Abiodun's wife

Mr. Hassan Abiodun’s death last Friday remains shrouded in mystery.

 “No health issues, phenomenal athlete, came to work every day — just as healthy as can be,” said a colleague at the office of the Deputy Speaker.

Contrary to reports in the media, money played no part in his death, regarded as sudden by close associates.

Hours after Hassan Abiodun died, some media outlets pounced on an early, inaccurate report and announced that he died due to non-payment of his salary by the management.
The report was prompted by a protest by some staff of the National Assembly claiming  the deceased was unable to pay hospital bills, as a result of the failure of the management of the National Assembly to pay their salaries and allowances.
Within minutes, the misinformation pinged from one major news outlet to another, like a metal ball in a pinball machine.
All of this occurred within hours, before a close associate and family member set the record straight.
“Not true. Not true. Not true,” the colleague, told Per Second News after getting off the phone with the family.
A top National Assembly official disclosed that any issue about delay in payment of salaries cannot be attributed to Deputy Speaker’s office because allowances of aides are not paid from the Deputy Speaker’s office. Secondly he was not bedridden, or hospitalised neither was there any unpaid medical bills nor the hospital withdrawal of services because he could not pay for his Medicare or unable to get medical attention, the official said.
The Chief of Staff to the Deputy Speaker, Hon Bimbo Daramola echoed the statement of the official revealing that ‘Italo” as the deceased was fondly called was not sick. He said the Deputy Speaker Hon Lasun Yussuff who is presently out of the country on pilgrimage has also expressed shock at the sudden death of Mr Hassan.
Daramola who led other staffers of the National Assembly to pay condolence visit to the family of the late Mr Hassan Abiodun, revealed medical bills played no part in his death.
 “As I cleared my table on Tuesday because I would be gone to Ekiti on Wednesday, in preparation for my dad’s 90th birthday, he stood before me and said Oga I ‘ll be in Ekiti on Thursday to help out with preparations.”
“He was smart and chappy betrayed no sickness indeed weeklong we had been together, he definitely looked and sounded well.”
“He was close to me enough to ask for anything and I would oblige as it’s happened in time past, I had to digress to clarify this because of innuendos and slanted reportage that he died because of delay in salary! That’s really unfortunate. I’m not aware that selective payments or non payment of DTA could be the reason for his death.”
Per Second News gathered that he died of ruptured appendix, which can be a life-threatening condition.
According to Dr Lanre Brown, a Lagos based physician, “When appendix ruptures, patients may start to feel better as the appendix pain you originally had subsides. But this generally doesn’t last long, because a perforated appendix can quickly lead to other health issues.”

Speaking to Per Second News Thursday in Washington, Dr Mark Simmons revealed that fit young people are still dying of appendicitis because doctors sometimes fail to recognise the symptoms, according to an authoritative report into hospital deaths.

“Appendicitis diagnosis requires skill and experience. Hospitals should ensure that those seeing potential cases either have the requisite skills and experience or are supported by those who do.”

He said recently a fit young man of 32 went to his physician with abdominal pain and vomiting, but the physician thought he had gastroentiritis. He arrived in hospital after seven days of symptoms, was operated on to remove the appendix but suffered septic shock. He died of a major heart attack the following day in intensive care.

Following his death, some family members and colleagues said bad health management at the medical facility might be a factor, while others attribute the media outcry to a serving governor of one of the southwest state in a bid to embarrass the deputy speaker.

The deceased left behind a pregnant wife.


Source: Persecond news