The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ashanti Region has called upon the spirit of the late President John Evans Atta Mills to strengthen the nine Supreme Court judges sitting on the 2012 election petition to give fair judgment to help ensure peace in the country.

Frederick Fredua Anto, the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NPP said ?my prayer to the spirit of the late President Mills is that he should help the Supreme Court judges to give just judgment in the matter before them on August 15.?Addressing a large number of mourners at the one-year memorial ceremony in honour of the late President Mills at the cenotaph, Adum, in Kumasi, yesterday, he stated that fair judgment by the judges would be vital in ensuring peace in the country.The solemn programme was graced by the Ashanti Regional Minister, Eric Opoku, his deputy, Samuel Yaw Adusei, the Asantehene?s representative, Baffuor Owusu Asare Amankwatia, Bantamahene and security capos in the region.According to him, the clarion call by all Ghanaians for the peace of the country to be maintained after the court had given its verdict, could be achieved when the judges rule the case devoid of any influence or considerations.With a grim face, the NPP chief, who was speaking with a powerful tone, insisted that the country?s hankering for peace to prevail could be realised when the judges acted fairly with regard to their verdict.He said all parties involved in the dicey case would not have any excuse to plunge the country into chaos, if it became evident that the judges passed their judgment fairly.Mr. Anto, who was wearing dark attire in mourning the late Ghanaaian leader, therefore, appealed passionately to the spirit of the late Prof. Mills, whom he described as peace-loving person, to help in achieving this great dream.He wished that the spirit of the late president would in the coming days appear in the dreams of the judges and remind them about the need for them to be bold and adjudicate the matter well devoid of fear or favour.Still describing the President Mills as a peace-loving person who duly paid his due to his country while alive, he said the spirit of the late president, who passed away one-year ago, would be happy, if Ghana completed the election petition hearing as a united country.He stated that Ghana?s future prosperity lay in how well the citizenry, especially the youth, who are the future leaders, would be educated, warning people in authority not to toy with the country?s education system.He said his heart was filled with deep sorrow as he stood at the function to speak about the late President Mills, saying ?his death was very painful and we shall always remember him.?


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