Dhaka has made a plea to Bangkok for urgent access to a survivor said to be Bangladeshi national rescued from a mass grave in southern Thailand, believed to be one of the human trafficking victims there. grave
Bangladesh’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a release on Sunday that the Thai authorities have located mass grave containing mortal remains of 32 people reportedly from Bangladesh and Myanmar in a remote jungle in Sadao district of Thailand near the border of Malaysia.
There were further reports that a man from Bangladesh had survived there, it said.
The Bangladeshi Embassy to Thailand has already been in touch with the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, seeking details of the incident.
“The embassy has also requested the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs to arrange urgent access to the survivor by a consular team of the embassy,” said the release.
The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs has assured all cooperation in this regard, it said, adding that the survivor is being treated with care at a local hospital and his condition is stable.
The Bangladeshi embassy is on constant contact with the Thai authorities for follow-up on the matter of consular interview and nationality verification. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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