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– show ends – I need to sleep

photos archer10 (Dennis) SLOW
Please, no multi invitations in your comments. Do you know COMMENT.Thanks.Tout throughout the show, I had me a girl is sitting with his mother. Every time I took a picture he wanted to see him and then smile. One thing I let him take a few photos, even thought they were unclear, she was very happy. This is the kind of experience that makes the trip such a wonderful thing. Monuments and buildings are great, but people everywhere are amazing and wonderful, even if we do not speak the same language, a smile is universel.Eh well it was time to go and get a good night’s sleep, I had a long day at 4:30 to walk so much and high temperatures. Site opens at 8:00 tomorrow, and I’d be the first person to see it in a large area in broad daylight.

01 Taipei – Taiwan really

photos Beiske Ben
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bokeh cocktail

Image by Robert S. Donovan
What a joy that the hotel knew exactly what I needed at the end of my long day of travel. Cheers!

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