Hon. Kofi Brako addressing the forum
Hon. Kofi Brako addressing the forum

By Abubakari Seidu Ajarfor

The Destination Inspection Companies (DICs) have interacted with importers to identify and find lasting solutions to some of the perennial challenges and bottlenecks that inhibit the smooth transaction of businesses at the port.

Hon. Kofi Brako addressing the forum
Hon. Kofi Brako addressing the forum

The event actually provided the platform for the Destination Inspection Companies to educate and inform importers on the wayforward and find the possible ways on how to make the sector better by providing quality services.
One major problem was related to the efficiency of the scanners and the refusal of many importers and agents to undergo the scanning process claiming that there are a lot of delays associated with the scanners.
Meanwhile, the Destination Inspection Companies have also raised a concern about 70% percent fictitious invoices by importers.

These were the some of the major raised by both importers and the Destination Inspection Companies at a public education forum organized by the joint consultative committee of the destination inspection scheme companies (JCCDIS) under the theme, ?Destination Inspection on the move.?

These Destination Inspection Companies include the Gateway Service Limited (GSL), WEBB Fontaine (Computerized Risk Management System), Ghana Link Network Services, Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and others.
The special guest of honour, Hon. Kofi Brako, a Member of Parliament for Tema Central constituency pointed out that quality of service offered by the various Destination Inspection Companies is nothing to write home about.
He said, after the adoption of GUT evaluation system in the year 2000, the concept of destination inspection was adopted and it became a novelty in the counry.

However, he gets baffled because 14 years down the line, the sector has failed to improve considering the major challenges which keep recurring and gaining more momentum in the sector.
The MP noted that considering the challenges there is the need as policy makers to re-align and make sure that when the scans are supposed to work at very short time all other agencies must also support inorder to achieve the set target.
Hon. Kofi Brako also raised a concern about the substitution of values by CEPS, adding that customs keep substituting raw values.

According to him, importers submit their documents to customs with the view that they will return get values that are sacrosanct and yet receive it with the values being doctored or substituted.
He therefore call for the need for a better collaboration between CEPS and the Destination Inspection Companies so that from the onset the agents and importers can have confident that whatever duty he/she is asked to pay will not be substituted afterwards.

The MP urged the various Destination Inspection Companies to form a strong collaboration with CEPS inorder to change the status quo.
Messrs Stephen Aniagyei, NICK TC SCAN mentioned that there are so many post-scanning activities such that the containers sit there more than a day creating congestion at the port.
He talked about the activities of the agents has been one of the challenges that is hampering the efficiency of the scanners in the sense that these agents leaves these containers at the waiting area slowing work on other containers yet to be scanned.

The wayforward, he reiterated the efforts by the sector Minister of contracting two companies to conduct the scanning process at the port.
According to Aniagyei, a new scanner is yet to be completed at the Gateway Service Limited (GSL) to augment the existing ones whereas works are underway to supply more drive-through scanners that will scan about 150 containers per hour.

There are also putting measures to enhance the smooth clearance of goods through a system called a deferred image analyses that will scan containers at the ICDs 24hrs 7days a week with stations at the various ICDs.
He has assured the importer that after all these measures have successfully been installed and adhere to, the status quo will see a new dimension of quality service delivery at the port.

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