Desmond Tutu

Do you want to raise the profile of your brand? Are you looking for an advertising opportunity? Would your company benefit from developing a stronger relationship with the community in which you operate? Does your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy align with your corporate strategy? By sponsoring Tutudesks, (portable school desks) companies have the opportunity print their logo and educational messaging on the surface. Then, as the child carries the desk to and from school, so that they can complete their homework and any further study at home, the Tutudesks are seen by the whole community – 10,000 desks would be seen approximately 25 million times in the course of 1 year. At the same time, you are providing a vital piece of classroom infrastructure. Over 2 million children in Ghana do not have the benefit of a classroom desk. This affects the development of their literacy and overall academic performance, as well as their ability to concentrate in class.

Tutudesks are manufactured in South Africa and distribution is handled through World Vision International. To date, we have distributed approximately 2,000 desks to some deprived schools in Ghana. The Campaign’s objective is to distribute a further 20 million desks to 20 million children in Sub-Sahara Africa by 2015. To find out more please visit our website:


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