A medical researcher on Wednesday blamed the increase in new HIV infections among young women on desire to have children.


Joel Odondi, a researcher at Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), based in Kisumu County, attributed the new infections to the desire to have children.
He said that many young women will get intimate with any man regardless of his HIV status just to bear a child with him. Odondi said that the desire is also coupled with peer pressure.
According to Kenya Aids Indicator Survey, three in every 10 new HIV infections in the country are among the same age group. The survey released recently revealed that one in five teens have had sex before they were 15 years old.
Interestingly, three women in 10 and about four men in ten in the age group do not use a condom in their first sex act.
The Kenya HIV Prevention Revolution Road Map Count Down to 2030 report shows an estimated 101,560 new HIV infections occurred in 2013.
Out of these figures, 12,940 were children, 50,530 women were infected while 38,090 occurred among men.
Overall, there are marked gender disparities which characterise the HIV epidemic with higher prevalence amongst women at 7.6 percent compared to men at 5.6 percent based on the report.
However, there is hope for this women going by a new technology that will soon be rolled out by the government.
In the new study to be released by KEMRI next month, the vaginal insemination will involve sperm being collected from a man into a non-lubricated condom or a cup.
It will then be taken from the condom and gently inserted inside the woman’s birth canal using a needleless syringe. The procedure can be done either by the man or the woman. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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