Rt Rev Prof Emmanuel Martey
Rt Rev Prof Emmanuel Martey

Our excitement that for the first time the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) hounds had spared the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church for expressing worrying concerns about Ghana was short-lived.

We erred because the Moderator of one of the leading churches in the country and the world at large came under the usual sustained insults of the party, we learnt, shortly after the editorial titled “Leadership Dysfunction.”

Leading the attack was one Peter Boamah Otukunor, a so-called NDC communicator, who described the very revered clergyman as not only a charlatan but a false prophet.

Interesting and heart-breaking, especially because the unnecessary insult is coming against the backdrop of an initiative announced by Deputy Minister Agyenim-Boateng which seeks to stem the incidence of insults among their communicators. It was heartwarming to realize that the man, alongside his colleagues, had discovered the negative fallouts from the uncouth conduct, especially in an election year.

We have been exonerated, having doubted that the NDC guys were going to adopt civility in their engagement and stop insults even after the initiative.

The President, characteristic of his nature, will not comment on the insult, perhaps he hears not when his hounds go to town on his political opponents. He seems to savour it; he has never queried them for their insulting conduct.

The Roman Catholic Church had their share of the verbal obscenity from persons who would have done themselves some good by visiting dental surgeons for corrective procedures of their disarrayed dental formulas to be carried out.

It is ironic that the clergymen the President runs to for deliverance are those who are targeted by his boys when they make their traditional observations about their congregations, vis-à-vis the country.

We find it hypocritical that the President would authorize such shameful conduct upon Ghanaian clergymen by his boys. If Koku Anyidoho’s “let them dare” warning to non-NDC persons in the country was sanctioned by the President, as the presidential spokesperson said, it stands to reason that Otukunor’s insults emanated from the same source.

Otukunor has every right to be excited about his newfound emolument arrangement from the Castle, a rare treat in recognition for insulting non-NDC persons on behalf of the President. But as he relishes the new goodies of life, such as his GH¢40,000 landed property, he should be wary about the vicissitudes of life and accord deference where necessary.

Must Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey be insulted simply because he expressed concern about the falling living standards in the country?

Ghanaians, especially the Church, would continue to support the maintenance of good governance and the rule of law because this is the only way that the interests of their congregations can be ensured.

Insults and innuendos laced in lies are the stock-in-trade of the government propaganda machinery which has no room for moral values.

A few days ago, the propaganda machinery got busy, with the latest in a series of attacks on Nana Akufo Addo, when it alleged that the NPP flag bearer had not only touched the breast of a make-up artist but fondled it.

Unfortunately, those crusading with this nonsense and talking about moralities are those with lots of skeletons in their wardrobes. Was Hannah Bisiw part of the marauding pack of wolves? Should we not let sleeping dogs lie? It is a better option because the specks are too many in the eyes of some of these hounds for them to be attempting removing others’. Joining swords would not be in the interest of the President especially, so the sleeping dogs had better been left in their slumbering state lest we point at those whose single kids gotten outside wedlock are unable to go to their so-called fathers because their wives do not want to see them. Hmmm!


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