It looks like this NBA season is going to be another tough one for the Chicago Bulls.

One of their star players, Derrick Rose, has just come back from his season off to heal from his ACL tear in his knee, but things have gone back down hill.

Rose was diagnosed with a torn medial meniscus yesterday, leaving him out ?indefinitely?.

Whether he?s out for the entire season or not still hasn?t been determined, but he?s certainly not going to be back anytime soon unfortunately.

The USA Today reports:

Some feared a second torn ACL, which would have been disastrous and possibly career-ending. A torn meniscus is a significant setback for the Bulls this season, but all things considered, the long-term implications are not as bad as they could have been.

The Bulls are still pretty strong without D-Rose, but this is definitely another tough loss for the team.

We pray for a quick recovery for Derrick and hope his team can hold it down while he?s out!



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