A reliable source has debunked reports being peddled in certain sections of the media that the deputy Speaker of Nigeria?s House of Representatives hosted the Speaker of the House, Aminu Tambuwal to a reception in his guest house in Abuja moments after the speaker dumped the ruling Peoples? Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Tuesday.
The source dismissed the report as a figment of the imagination of those who intend to cause disaffection between the deputy Speaker and the PDP, insisting that no such meeting took place
According to DTN source, such rumours are the handiwork of a group of disgruntled mischief makers from Imo State who are hell bent on using all forms of tricks to ensure that the deputy speaker does not emerge as the governorship candidate of the PDP.
Our source also alleged that the rumours being peddled that Ihedioha hosted Tambuwal was being carried about by some notable politicians who were not comfortable with his popularity and influence in Imo State and the House of Representatives.
The Deputy Speaker, the source further stated has worked tirelessly to see that the PDP remains the leading party in the House despite recent defections that commenced late last year. He also said that Ihedioha, as a committed party member, had struggled to unite the party in turbulent times and could not now go contrary to the party?s directives.
?It is on record that the deputy speaker is a founding member of the PDP, has remained in the party since 1998 and will continue to protect and promote its interest and fortunes. He will therefore not be moved by the antics of some anti-democratic elements who cannot compete fairly and would rather smear others to secure advantage,? he emphasised.
Honourable Emeka Ihedioha is the only governorship candidate who has enough clout to defeat a seating governor hence the untenable shenanigans of the governor and his cohorts our source stated.


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