INFORMATION REACHING DAILY GUIDE indicates that some angry youth of Odumase near Sunyani, the Brong Ahafo regional capital, on Thursday afternoon pelted the Deputy Regional Minister, Justice Samuel Agyei with The youth who were angry over the shooting and killing of a member of the community by the police, vented their spleen on the Brong Ahafo Deputy Regional Minister and his team, throwing all sorts of offensive weapons at them.

Mr Agyei was leading a delegation of police chiefs to visit the family of the 24-yearold bike repairer, Osei Kwabena Aberega, who was allegedly shot dead by the police on Monday evening.

The angry youth had vowed to deal with any policeman that comes to the area because they believed the police were no longer protecting the citizenry but rather killing innocent people.

Kwabena Aberega was said to have been gunned down by the police for allegedly smoking wee in the company of a friend.

An eyewitness said the incident happened in front of her around 9:15pm on Monday evening when she was packing stuff in her store, and getting ready to go home.

She said she saw the police arresting a man who was in custody now, claiming he was smoking Indian hemp with the deceased.

According to her, the man in custody, who was by then handcuffed, was crying and pleading with the police to let him go because he was not smoking marijuana as he was from the Odumase Secondary School campus where he worked as a pantry man.


The eyewitness said when Kwabena Aberega saw the maltreatment being meted out to his friend by the police, he took to his heels and one of the policemen went after him, only for his dead body to be discovered later.

It was based on this brutality that the youth chased away the Minister and his police team, as they came visiting the bereaved family.

According to the senior sister of the deceased, Comfort Aberega, on Thursday morning, the Deputy Minister sent the family a message that he and his entourage would be coming to visit and console them.

She said in the afternoon, they heard shouts in the streets and when they inquired about it, an eyewitness told them that it was the youth in the town who were hooting at the police that had come to the chief?s palace with the Minister.

Madam Comfort said the Minister was not able to come to their house because the eyewitness told the family the youth in the town prevented the police by throwing stones and water at them in front of the Odumase chief?s palace.

She said due to the situation, the Minister later sent someone to tell them he would come back on Friday to visit them.

She noted that the family did not know the youth who were demonstrating against the police over the death of her brother.

She said her late brother was a good man who was known by everybody in the community because of the nature of his job.

She further told the paper that the family would not rest until justice was done because they believed their son was killed unjustly.

Comfort was of the opinion that the police wanted to cover up for the policeman who killed her brother, but they would pursue the matter until the right thing was done.

FROM Vivianna Mensah, Sunyani


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