Inusah Fuseini, Deputy Energy Minister

Monday’s claims by Deputy Energy Minister, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini that the Mills administration has chalked up unprecedented achievements in the energy sector has thrown up a key contradiction about how much electricity has been added to the country’s generation capacity since the NDC assumed office.

Whilst President Mills in his last state of the nation address said a total of 376 megawatts had been added, the Deputy Energy Minister is making a much smaller claim.

It comes at a time many homes are experiencing a power rationing exercise the Volta River Authority says will persists till the end of June because there is just not enough electricity to go round.

Many homes will be waking up this morning without electricity. This is primarily because the country is not generating enough power. And this is of critical concern and on the agenda of government as Deputy Minister of Energy, Inusah Fuseini, reignites the debate this week telling the nation about a marked improvement to the power sector.

So how much power has the Mills administration added to that inherited from the Kufuor regime. President Mills delivering his last state of the nation address in February had said that “We inherited electricity generation capacity of 1,800 megawatts when we took over. Since then we have been able to add 376 megawatts.”

But that is where the contradiction begins. Deputy Minister of Energy, Inusah Fuseini, speaking to Joy News Monday, said, “We can say t is unprecedented because in three years we have been able to add about 150 megawatts of power to the installed capacity when others spent eight years and added nothing.”

Well, the president says his government has added 376 megawatts of power in three years but deputy energy minister pegs the figure at 150 megawatts.

Meanwhile, ECG’s announcement that it will be intensifying the load-shedding has triggered angry reactions from a section of the public who are demanding an immediate solution to the problem.

Well, government has promised a significant improvement in the power situation by June this year. The picture will be much clearer by then.

Source: Joy News     


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