The Wages of sin is death is what the bible says in Romans 6:23. In this vain we expect all evil doers and even those whose aim is to propagate atrocious acts and cause others to be in pain to face the full judgement of the law and placed exactly where they belong. However, considering the level of atrocity committed, the victims tend to tag not only the offender but even those around the offender with the sins committed which becomes absolutely a wrong judgement.

On the 29th of May 2017, the nation witnessed an unprecedented news which came from Denkyira Obuase. A town whose youth (a section of the youth to be specific) mistakenly depredated physically a young military officer who became defenseless and eventually gave in the ghost upon countless beatings meted out to him. This happened as the youth mistakenly took him for a thief and that aroused their actions which led to that unfortunate incidence. Mob action is an offence and this attracted several lashes from the rank and file of the nation and even beyond its borders.

Now, the purpose of this paper is not to remind Ghanaians of their sorrows and the misfortunes that occurred months ago but to draw our attention to one thing we seem to be forgetting. Denkyira Obuase is part of Ghana the bigger country. Secondly, not all residents of Denkyira Obuase committed this heinous act on the said date. The law has taken control of the entire situation and I strongly believe the perpetuators would be dealt with in accordance to the ordinance of the law.

In the face of the unfortunate event which occurred few months ago, the aftermath left the city very desolate as habitants of Denkyira Obuase were rampaged by the military out of grieve to get the perpetuators quickly brought to book. It isn’t just desolation the city was left with but also destitute as the energetic young and skilled but yet innocent youth had no choice but to take to their heels and run for their lives to proof their innocence and to run away from the law mistakenly laying hands on them and/or from the military brutality. Let me also haste in to add that, Denkyira Obuase is a city in Ghana AND WHAT EVER PICTURE WE PAINT THIS TOWN goes a long way in affecting the nation in the international world. Economically, as a growing country, we tend to rely very much on investors to aid in our growth and moreover, if these investors are scared away by the activities of mob attacks or if we as a nation tend to denigrate the city because of the action of the few, we tend to lose much as a nation. Not forgetting the city has given birth to children who are liable of becoming futures leaders of the nation.

In conclusion, I would advise the entire nation stops tagging any individual from Denkyira Obuase as a wicked fellow and also gradually clean off any negative perception conceived in the minds of Ghanaians about this city because of its unfortunate attack on an innocent soul. Ghana is a blessed country and as such is every city, town and village located within it.

God bless Ghana, God revive Denkyira Obuase to the city that it ought to be.

Writer: Emmanuel De-Graft Quarshie