Paramount King of Denkyira, Odeefuo Boa Amponsem III has lost a legal battle to the Chief of Dukwa Nana Obeng Nuako III in his quest for his destoolment for the latter’s? disregard for him, Denkyira’s tried and tested customs and traditions? as well as his contempt against the former and the Denkyira Traditional Council which he disclosed as inimical to the peace and progress of the traditional area.

All charges leveled by Odeefuo Boa Amponsem III against Dunkwa Chief compounding what he disclosed as a misbehavior and flagrant disrespect exhibited against him at a meeting, aimed at resolving the differences between him and the late queen mother for Dunkwa Nana Akua Nipa over her enstoolment as the right heir to the thrown on the 28th April 2010 as contained in a letter from the Denkyira Traditional Council to the Dunkwa Chief , dated and 12th June 2010 and signed by the Paramount Chief of Denkyira , the basis for his destoolment? according to our sources gained no merit and was subsequently turned down? by a cape coast? court of Appeal on the 28th of June, 2011.

An extract of the letter reads;”It will be recalled that pursuit to a recent supreme court ruling, I invited you and the queen mother, Obaapanin of Dunkwa to me palace at Jukwa on the 28th April 2010 to resolve the differences between you and the queen mother, which dispute had hindered your coming to swear the Great Oath of Denkyira before me as custom demands. However, your misbehavior and flagrant disrespect exhibited before me as Denkyirahene at the said abortive meeting as a result of your rather contemptuous and unceremonious departure and your openly proclaimed refusal to recognize the newly installed Queen mother of? Dunkwa which was a necessity for your swearing in ceremony , have made it impossible for me to intercede and help you to regularize your enstoolment. That single act , you must know was tantamount to destoolment or abdication even if you had been enstooled before them.Take notice and be reminded that you have not been duly enstooled as a Chief since you have not sworn the Great Oath which is an essential element for your enstoolment. Therefore the Denkyira Traditional Council and myself do not recognize you as such . I hereby write to advise you to refrain form any acts or utterances that purport to portray you as chief of Dunkwa in the Denkyira Traditional Area. Please be informed that your current position falls short of a Chief as defined in the 1992 constitution and the chieftaincy Act as someone validly estooled as Chief in accordance with the relevant customary law and usage and whose name appears on the National Register of Chiefs. Your continued disregard for law, our tried and tested customes and traditions as well as your contemp of me and the Denkyera Traditional Area. I wish to state categorically , that I cannot rule the Denkyira state? Dunkwa included with you as chief of Dunkwa. You have shown your true colours even before you were duly enstooled as chief…. I am by this letter also requesting the Abusuapanin and Obaapanin of the royal family of Dunkwa to appoint a regent for the Dunkwa stool with immediate effect”.

A high court ruling on? this matter on the 9th of August 2010 prior to the recent Appeal court ruling presided over by His Justice M.A Mustapha described the letter as a mere declaration and that Denkyirahene’s instruction that some other people should be appointed to manage the affairs of Dunkwa until a regent is appointed is void ab initio and accordingly quashed the decision by the Paramount King purporting the destoolment of Dunkwahene as null and void.

Disclosing the facts to our intelligence department exclusively following his traditional and legal victory over the overall Boss of Denkyira, Nana Obeng Nuako III amidst heroic facial expressions underscored that? the foregoing allegation of contemptuous and unceremonious departure contained no iota of truth adding that he only departed the meeting with assistance of his sub chiefs and elders when they were abused and heckled at by the people from the late queen mother’s side. He has again promised to highly exalt peace and unity among people of Dunkwa community and also? promote development for the betterment of all residents.


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