Nana Ama Ayensuah Saarah II

The Denkyira Traditional Council has called for investigations into comments made by the National Democratic Congress parliamentary aspirant and Chairman for the Upper Denkyira East Constituency, Dr Mark Kurt Nawaane.

The medical doctor, on a local radio station, Solar FM, admonished the people of Denkyira to wise up and vote out the incumbent New Patriotic Party’s Member of Parliament for the area, Nana Amoako, since the party had nothing better to improve the lots of the indigenes.

Dr Nawaane said: “Ese se ye sua nyansa na ye to abapa ema NDC efiri se ye aye biara biara aky3 do”, to wit the time has come for the people of Denkyira to dig deep into their reserve of wisdom and vote for the NDC since the trust they reposed in the New Patriotic Party had been breached.

But speaking exclusively to DAILY GUIDE after the traditional council meeting in Dunkwa-on-Offin, the Queen-mother of Denkyira, Nana Ama Ayensuah Saarah II, said they had delegated two chiefs from the council to meet with Dr. Nawaane, who is also the Nkosuahene (development chief) of the area, and ask him why he made those comments.

She noted that they would also officially demand an apology to the council in particular and the Denkyira Kingdom in general.

 Nana Ayensuah Saarah stated that the people of Denkyira were discerning individuals who thought carefully before making a decision, hence it was insulting for someone to suggest otherwise.

The queen-mother, who was unhappy about the MP’s comments, pledged, on behalf of the council, to reprimand any person who took Denkyira to the cleaners, stressing that there was the need to uphold the respect and recognition Denkyira commanded all over the world.

“Though I am yet to listen to the tape, I am not happy at all but I will like to approach the issue with diplomacy and put things right since the comment is very much derogatory, disdainful and sneering,” Nana Ama Ayensuah said.

She also bemoaned the current trend of politics of insulst, stressing that there was the need for all the political parties to conduct their activities in a very reverential and courteous manner in a bid to maintain peace in the country.

She advised members of the council not to get involved in party politics since it had the tendency to cause disharmony and disunity among the people of Denkyira.

 From Frank Ossei Kwame, Denkyira

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