The acting National Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddie Blay, has rebuked the party’s vigilante group, Delta Force, for storming a Kumasi Circuit Court, and releasing members of their group.


According to him, the party is embarrassed by such actions, adding that the law must take its course. “They are not kids, now they’ve taken the step of doing the unthinkable and it is a pity, it has brought embarrassment and it is bad PR for us. But I don’t think that is the end of the world,” he said.

Members of the Delta Force stormed a Kumasi Circuit court on Thursday, and vandalized some court property as well as freeing 13 of their members, who were facing trial for allegedly harassing the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, George Adjei.

The 13 escaped after some members of the group monitoring the court proceedings, sparked confusion during the hearing. About eight of those who caused the confusion were arrested, while the rest of the 13 fugitives later turned themselves in to the police.

Speaking on Accra-based Asempa FM on Friday; Freddie Blay explained that, the attack by the Delta Force was “foolish.” “Although they have apologized, of course it doesn’t mean that the party would interfere with police during their investigation, the party didn’t do that. We had to allow the law to take its own course. In allowing the law to take its own course, that resulted in them being brought before the court. And unfortunately, they were supposed to be remanded. And that was part of the foolish thing that they [Delta Force] did. We condemn it,” he said.

Tagging NPP violent over Delta Force ‘unfair’ The acting Chairman further fumed at persons tagging the NPP as a violent party, because of the actions by Delta Force, describing it as unfair.

“I think it is not very fair for anybody to say so, it is not fair. When about two or three people go against the law or do anything untoward, you don’t come into conclusion that the whole party is involved in wrongdoing. I think that is not proper. A Ghanaian goes abroad to deal in cocaine, doesn’t mean that the whole of Ghanaians are cocaine dealers. One Ghanaian kills somebody and you say Ghanaians are murderers. I think if you say so, you are not being fair to Ghanaians. In the same way, we agree that Delta Forces are members of the party, we agree that they’ve supported the party towards our elections dating back from 2000….We all condemned what they did, but it doesn’t mean that the party takes full responsibility for what has happened. They went lawless, and it’s inexcusable,” Freddie Blay added.