In this fast paced world every thing big or small is changing rapidly its position, size and many peculiar characteristics to match up with the super fast speed of the era. How can a bulky and fixed type of personal computer can serve the modern day purposes well? Fortunately we do have an alternate option of Dell laptops that work 24*7 days along with the user. This committed helper starts working when the user works and stops only when the user packs up his/her bag for the day. These laptops are very light weighted gadgets with not even a kilogram weight and do not occupy much space in one’s office/college bag.

Some Attractions: The screen size is apt at slightly more than 12” to view the beautiful pictures clicked or downloaded from the internet. It runs the internet smoothly throughout the day and saves the precious time of the user.

This Dell Latitude D430 promises to reduce the size of the electricity bill to as small as its own size. The WXGA display type will permit the user to experience a wider range of viewing angles and appreciate the high resolution pictures on the screen. One can also opt for a finger print reader option while purchasing Dell Latitude D430.

Quick Connectivity and memory: Instant connection with the world can be established any time the user is in need of it with the help of superb Wi-Fi connection. This laptop is fully equipped to support the day to day demands of work with its 2 GB memory base that is further divided into different levels of cache and non- cache memory. If the user wishes he/she can accommodate an additional SD memory card in it and store more data.

This Dell laptop gives a new definition to the features of audio and video display with the application of recent technologies developed by the experts in the field of information technology. This Dell laptop sports multi celled battery that can be selected by the user as per his/her needs.

Dell Latitude D430 Laptop Price in India: Dell Latitude D430 Price in India is Rs. 91, 800 approximately. The Dell laptops price starts from less than Rs. 30,000 and goes on increasing justifiably to higher ranges of even Rs. 1 Lac. The price range is according to the features incorporated in a particular design of laptops. All its unique features appeal to all the buyers from various age groups and hence give this laptop an edge over the other models.

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