Majority of the data centers are operating 7x24x365. Companies have migrated to E-commerce and their top priorities are securing sensitive corporate data and ensuring fast access. If there is a hardware failure or virus enters your system, the data can be corrupted or might even to totally erased. Data recovery software does not ensure 100% reliable restore and this process is very time consuming. This causes business interruptions and the loyal customers will switch to other companies. In addition, there is also a high risk of total business failure. Therefore, companies should backup their data and prevent such disasters. Digital Data Storage (DDS) is the frontline technology in tape media industry since 1989. Operational efficiency and performance of this tape-based solution are unmatched, and is the best option for un-attended storage operations.

DDS is a popular technology, which has attracted the major tape manufacturing companies to develop DDS devices.

Dell is an industry-favorite brand of DDS solution that provides the most compelling total ownership cost, superior compatibility and allows long term archiving. Small and mid-sized organizations trust Dell’s DDS4 solution, which provides them ample capacity, flexible drive configurations, and a compact system for their space-constrained data center.

Dell’s 09W083, DDS4 media tape features a significant improvement in capacity over DDS3 cartridge. It stores almost 75% more volume of information and the cartridge size has not increased, thus facilitating customers to preserve tapes within their limited shelf space.

Data volume of 20GB/40GB can be seamlessly preserved on a single DDS4 media tape. Customer can connect Dell DDS drives (internal, external) to a variety of workgroups and demanding entry-level servers. These drives are engineered to write-read existing DDS tapes reaching up to first generation. So the IT managers can confidently use a single Dell DDS4 drive for writing and extracting data from four tape versions that are DDS4, DDS3, DDS1 & DDS 2 tape. You can connect to various other DDS platforms and also enjoy greater value for your existing investments in DDS format.

As compared to DDS3 drives, the backup storage time is reduced to half because the DDS4 tape drives are 100% faster. So the companies can deal with the advanced commercial applications with superior efficiency and also accelerate their response time. Data streaming rate offered by DDS 4 drives for native mode is 2.4 MB/second.

To compete successfully, businesses have to ensure consistency and these Dell DDS4 drives efficiently perform their operations.

The smoothness of upper magnetic layer has been intelligently enhanced by Dell. So the drive can move the tape reel at a faster rate and accelerate its performance. Moreover, the noise level and media deterioration reduces. The result is that drive head and tape cartridge’s working life enhances. Scalability is really cost efficient. DDS 4 customers can migrate to DDS format’s next generation DDS5, which will also support your existing DDS 4 cartridges. So you can restore information from previous datasets and also record data on them. DDS solution provides SMB customers the speed and reliability to stay one step of their stringent challenges.

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