WWF Programme Coordinator, Isaac Malugu said here on Thursday that the environmental degradation has also been contributed by human activities whereby the main source of energy is generated from the forests.


The official suggested the need for more education on the importance of conserving the forests.

According to Malugu, nearly all Tanzania’s regions have been affected by deforestation – as a result drought has continued to hit many parts of the country.

He said his organization will do a study next month to establish the actual value of forests to ensure that the resource is conserved.

Malugu further explained that in a bid to ensure that people conserve forests around them, the organization has started to train community members to find alternative sources of energy and stop cutting down trees.

“We have managed to involve the community in various projects to ensure they participate in protecting the forests,” he said.

Dr Sware Semesi from WWF said forest investment is still minimal in many areas, so there is a need to provide more education to ensure the people are aware of the importance of the resource.

He said education has been provided to people in participatory forestry management so that they take part in various projects.

African Wildlife Foundation director John Salehe said stakeholders need to join forces to ensure forest and other natural resources are monitored and protected.

He said the challenge ahead in the natural resource sector include inadequate projects to develop forests, advising the government to provide adequate funding for the Natural Resources Department to develop and improve more projects. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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