In Ghana attempted suicide remains a criminal offense under the law. But according to the coalition the desire to commit suicide is actually a cry for help or feeling of desperation.

The coalition believes the situation is psychological, indicating that people in such circumstance must be referred to mental institutions for help.

Executive Director of the Network for Anti-suicide and Crisis Intervention, Wisdom Dali, presented a petition to parliament on behalf of the coalition.
Presenting the petition, Mr. Dali said ?criminal punishment applied to attempted suicide has the ironic effect of encouraging would-be suicide (victims) to make certain they did not fail.?

He said it is essential for the police to suspend any criminal prosecution of attempted suicide victims in the country as well as offer clemency to those who have been jailed for the same offense.

According to Mr. Dali, such an action will offer victims a way out if appropriate mechanisms are put in place to treat such clinical depression cases.

The Deputy Majority Leader in parliament, Hon Rashid Pelpuo, received the petition on behalf of the house and promised that parliament would take a look at the petition before it ends its sittings for the year.

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