THE NEW Patriotic Party (NPP) flag bearer, Nana Akufo-Addo has stated that this year?s general elections will be about transformational leadership and a secure future for the youth.

The December 7 polls he noted was not about who is young or old, tall or short, handsome or ugly, a northerner or a southerner but about who could actually do the job well.

He made these statements when he outlined his vision particularly for education last Friday in an address to students of the All Nations University College, Koforidua as part of his Eastern region tour.

Nana told the students he decided to make senior high school education free when voted into power because he realized that accelerated national development hinged directly or indirectly on how well-educated the human resource base of the country was.

He said the current situation where 200,000 junior high school students who passed their BECE exams ended up on the streets every academic year because they did not have the means to continue their education was shameful.

The time he added had come for an affirmative action by government to allow these unfortunate children to continue their education or gain further skills training to become useful to themselves and the nation.

He noted that currently, artisan-related jobs like masonry and carpentry were executed on computers with innovative design instructions sent from mobile phones and that if one was not averagely or well educated, one would always be left behind.

He said a country like Japan does not have any natural resources but because of its emphasis on education, the country had become one of the most developed in the world.

Ghana, on the other hand he said had an abundance of natural resources and therefore should be able to implement free SHS education as was being done in some African countries like Uganda.

According to him, the argument by his opponents that the policy was not feasible was unfortunate and backward.

 Cutting Gov?t Spending 

?Apart from our abundant natural resources, if government can substantially reduce corruption, profligate spending and high lifestyles of government officials, we can easily implement this policy. Currently government contracts are incredulously being inflated, some two or three times and the monies end up in individuals? pockets but all this money can be put at the disposal of our unfortunate children roaming the streets,? he said.

He said in 2009 just when the NPP left power, the contract for the construction of a six-unit classroom block was GH?85,000   but in 2010 when the NDC came to power the same contract shot up to GH?240,000, describing this as rape of the economy.

Nana Akufo-Addo also noted that he would lead an industrialization drive to help provide the youth with employment opportunities to help improve their living standards which will eventually help reduce poverty nationwide.

NPP Parliamentary Candidate for New Juaben South (Koforidua), Dr Mark Assibey-Yeboah, for his part said the ruling NDC had borrowed more money than all past governments put together bringing our total debt GH?28.3billion.

?By the time NPP was leaving office in 2008, the country?s total debt was just about GH?8 billion. In May, this year our total debt stood at GH?22billion and now four months later this debt has shot to 28.3 billion,? he said stressing that Ghanaians must change the NDC government to stop this spiraling debt burden which would eventually grind the economy to a halt.

From Thomas Fosu Jnr, Koforidua

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