DAMASCUS — At least 32 people were killed and 90 others wounded on Monday when two car bombs tore through a pro-government district in Syria’s central city of Homs, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based watchdog.

Syria The bombings rocked the main square in the al-Zahra’ neighborhood in Homs. (Syria-Bombing)
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DAMASCUS — A total of 459 wounded civilians and rebels started evacuating from three Syrian hotspots on Monday, as part of the next stage of a truce concluded between the Syrian army and the rebels six months ago, a well-informed source told Xinhua.

The evacuation of 336 wounded fighters and civilians from the pro-government Shiite towns of Kafraya and Foa in northern Syria near Turkey, and 123 from the rebel-held town of Zabadani near Lebanon, started simultaneously, the source said, adding that the evacuation is being carried out by the International Committee of the Red Cross. (Syria-Evacuation)
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BAGHDAD — Iraqi security forces on Monday declared victory over the Islamic State (IS) militant group in Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s western province of Anbar.

The troops “have retook control of Ramadi after liberating its district one by one, and raised the Iraqi flag on the government complex,” the Iraqi military said in a statement, but did not give details about whether there was any district left in the hands of IS militants. (Iraq-IS-Recontrol)
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ANKARA — Turkish Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin said on Monday that Russia does not fight the militants of the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and they have made this clear by supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime.

Speaking at a press conference in Ankara, Kalin said the IS was used as an excuse to preserve the Assad regime, which is accused of killing over 400,000 civilians in Syria. (Turkey-Russia-IS) Enditem


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