The National Conference will today begin debate on four reports out of the 16 reports tabled by its Standing Committees.

Only delegates who had pre-registered their names with the secretariat will be allowed to make comments on the reports, which have been scheduled for discussion.

The reports to be discussed are from the Committees on Religion; Immigrations, Citizenship and Related Matters; Environment; and Land Tenure and Boundary Matters.

It will be recall that at the Monday?s plenary, 16 committees submitted their reports while the remaining four committees pleaded for a little time to wind up their assignment and they were asked to submit their report before close of work yesterday, Tuesday.

Each committee chairman of the four committees will be given 30 minutes for the presentation and another four reports will be discussed at subsequent plenary on completion of debate on the first four reports in that order till the end of the debate of all the 20 reports.

Meanwhile, a statement from the conference assistant secretary, media and communications, James Akpandem, yesterday, did not indicate whether the four committees have actually submitted their reports or not.

Akpandem?s press statement, however, disowned a position canvassed by a delegate, Chief Okon Osung from Akwa Ibom State, for the elongation of President Goodluck Jonathan?s tenure in office by postponing the forthcoming 2015 general elections.

?Ordinarily, we would have ignored, as usual, issues raised by Chief Osung in his comments because as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he has a right within the confines of the1999 Constitution (as amended) to express his personal opinions on any issue of his choice.

?However, it has been observed that certain members of the public have come to view the personal views of the delegate as having something to do with the Conference. This is far from the truth,? Akpandem said.

He added that the views expressed by the delegate regarding tenure extension are entirely his personal opinions and must not be viewed or regarded to, in any way, have any anything whatsoever to do with the National Conference or any of its Committees.

Akpandem said Osung?s views were not expressed on the floor of the Conference, never debated or discussed in any manner whatsoever in any of the 20 Standing Committees of the conference whose reports are already with the secretariat.


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