It’s a lonely Friday night and I’m dressed in my black #MeYeHipHop shirt, had a bit to drink and I’m here tryna put my talents or what most of you will call my drunk thoughts here.

So here I am thinking what’s up with new rappers waiting for established rappers to cosign them before they can step their game up. We are living in struggle times where nobody cared when Samini announced at VGMA that he’s gonna release a single the day after the event.

If this isn’t struggling for attention then I don’t know where the world is heading to. I mean legendary rappers like Scientific are dropping international collaborations and not a single f**k has been given. I’m really sad man!

But new rapper, do you remember when Samini was Batman and was hungry and was getting on every feature, yes he did all that to build a buzz for himself and didn’t wait for a “big name rapper” to hold his hand.

Talking a about new rappers, look at the work someone like X.O Senavoe is doing! The guy has been working non-stop, #nodaysoff! building his fan base with good music. With no mixtape or album he has been able to appear on the BET cypher and also Channel O’s Hip Hopera.

Now new rapper, where has your music gotten to? It’s not about the number of mixtapes you have that determines your success, in fact if you are a new rapper and you have over 5 mixtapes and you haven’t blown up nationally then please quit. Yes QUIT! Thought about it? Ok cool.

Ok back to the issue at hand, what’s a big named rapper anyways? Where was all these big rappers when Verse Rico (I know y’all don’t even know him) got his music premiered at Big Brother Africa. Man all I’m saying is there is a lot of you waiting for a big rapper (who is maybe struggling) to help you blow up. Let me give you a few steps to help you beat all the sharks in this ocean.

1. Have a plan for at least the next 5 years, that’s if you wanna be In the game for that long. If you can get hits back to back for 5 years, then hey even Kanye West will envy you.

2. Get some capital. Yup capital, why do you think it’s called the music business? You don’t expect me to be giving my Hennessy money to you for your studio time.

3. Work with good A&Rs you might think you have a ear for good music but chill man, there people who have specialized in ear hustling.

4. Get a team, your team should involve a creative manager, a business manager, brands manager, a hype man, a promotional/tour manager and most importantly make use of your publicist. Get your team on their toes to work all the time, they will have to possess dedication and loyalty.

5. Check out for new trends and pay attention to tweets from like @uncleyoso @nattyshocks and some others. Plus don’t forget to build a fan base.

This is something light to help you but if you think my facts ain’t sh** I can’t really be bothered cuz I only sell #MeYeHipHop t-shirts for a living and you keep struggling. This is for the wise: Make moves, stay relevant!

Source : Joey Chase (TunesGh.Com)


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