Tori Spelling may have taken back husband Dean McDermott after he cheated on her in 2014, but in photos exclusively obtained by In Touch, Tori was nowhere in sight while Dean was caught cozying up to his ex-wife!
unnamed (13)?Mary Jo and Dean were so at ease with each other, they looked like a married couple,? a witness at Le Pain Quotidien in Studio City, California, on Feb. 9 says in the new issue of In Touch. ?They embraced the moment they saw each other, talked for almost two hours and then warmly hugged each other when they said goodbye.?
The secret meeting, which was caught on camera, may be the final straw for Tori. In December, Tori was reportedly upset after Mary Jo spoke out about the reality star, claiming that she needed rehab for her hoarding issue. ?She needs serious help for the hoarding issue ? she?s admitted her kids aren?t even fazed by her extended hospital stays anymore,? MaryJo told In Touch during an exclusive interview, adding that ?all their fighting in front of the children ? it?s so dark.?
A pal of Tori?s notes: ?Tori has always been threatened by Mary Jo,? adding that ?she?s worried there?s still chemistry there between them.?
And her fears aren?t entirely off base: ?Dean and Mary Jo looked like a couple that were meant to be,? adds the witness. ?Tori would have been livid if she?d seen them!?
Source: In Touch Weekly


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