Dead Mouse Found In Baby’s Mouth

An 8 month-old baby was found by nursery staff with a dead mouse in her mouth, it has been reported. Alanah Barba, from New Jersey, is said to have been chewing what her minders thought was a toy before the gruesome discovery was made.

“She could have swallowed it,” the baby’s mother, Brittany Barba, said. And – God forbid for saying it – she could have died,” she added.

Alanah’s grandmother, who is said to have been volunteering in another part of the nursery, was immediately called to her granddaughter’s wing when contents of her mouth was revealed. She then alerted her daughter, Brittany, who rushed to be with baby Alanah.

“Lately she’s been vomiting,” Brittany told CNN. “Everything she’s eaten, she’s throwing it back up,”

The Nursery has since apologised and has had visits from the health department and have improved their hygiene procedure.


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