Famous waakye joint at Labadi in Accra has come under public attack as some people believe the meal is prepared with fluid believed to be from dead bodies.


There is this waakye joint at Palm Wine junction, a suburb of Labadi that serves a great deal in solving the hunger of people in and around the area. Speculations in town indicates that, the waakye seller one Madam Anyorkor uses the fluids of dead bodies and maggots from her chronic sore to prepare the waakye.

Newsghana source in the area say, it is what attracts prople from in and around the area including soldiers from Burma-Camp but Mr. Land Mensah, brother of Madam Ayorko has denied the allegation that his sister’s waakye business is as a result of witchcraft.

According to Mr. Mensah, his sister does not use any charm in preparing her food as is being speculated but she has worked very hard to achieve the reputation that some people want to use all means possible to tarnish.

He said it is not true that her sister’s place was raised down by soldiers but he was the one who demolished his sisters structure in other for him to build his container because she has moved to a new place.

He strongly believe his sisters sickness might have emanated from family litigation but is now responding to treatment from both the hospital and men of God.

He said, the reason why people are reading bad meanings into his sister’s sickness is that, a woman in the area with a close name to that of her sister, believed to have been a witch bu has been dead for the past five years.

“Out of ignorance, people have mistakenly taken her to be a witch as well. But it’s not true because she sells her food at a very low price and it attracts a lot of people to buy from her”.

Meanwhile, the family have reported the case to their family’s fetish priest at Labadi that, who so ever found rumormongering with this issue tarnishing the family’s name, should either be brought or reported to the shrine and the person would be silenced by their god called numotwaa.

Mr. Mensah also disclosed that, his sister has finished her own building at Ashale Botwe behind Japan motors and moved into it to continue her waakye business in order to avoid family problems.

“As we speak, her kid sister is also helping her at their uncle’s place at Mankye Agbona to continue the waakye business there. And it’s booming as usual”.

Source : Sammy Adjei/ NewsGhana.com.gh


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