Producers of Indomie Instant Noodles, De United Foods Industries, has supported victims of the flood disaster with a variety of products.
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The items were distributed mainly to children within the Nima community, which is one of the worst affected areas.

They included Indomie Instant Noodles, newly introduced Minimie Chinchin (ats?m?), exercise books and T-shrits.

Officials of NADMO assisted the team from De United Foods Industries in handing over the items to the beneficiaries who were still reeling from the disaster.

The country suffered a twin disaster of floods and fire explosion at a fuel station on the same night claiming over 150 lives, and rendering thousands homeless.

The disaster left in its wake displaced people who do not have access to food, water and other basic necessities, compelling corporate organizations, such as De United Foods Industries Ltd to donate the items.

The Training Manager at De United Foods Industries Ltd Benedicta Amesawu sympathized with victims of the floods, and urged them to put the past behind them and forge ahead.

Miss Amesawu expressed the hope that the donation would help bring some respite to the victims.

She explained that the donation was deliberately targeted at children because they are more vulnerable.

She also explained that giving the items to the children was a better guarantee that the right people would benefit from the relief items.

Miss Amesawu also urged other public-spirited organizations to also come to the aid of the flood victims.

The beneficiaries of the items were grateful to the company for the support, and urged other institutions to help address other concerns, such as piled up refuse and tips of sand and gravel to fill some galleys created by the flood.

Officials of NADMO said they had a registry of the flood victims, and urged various organizations who wanted to support, to get in touch with them, so that the items could get to those who were genuinely in need.



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