With one of the Andaman’s most dazzling beaches and plenty of cheap bamboo-hut accommodation, Havelock is the island of choice for travellers wanting to kick back and enjoy the slow (but not comatose) pace of island life. It’s easily accessible from Port Blair, and offers excellent snorkelling and scuba-diving opportunities. Although Havelock is the most developed of the islands, it’s still very low-key and simple – a world away from the beach resorts of mainland India or Southeast Asia. Only the northern third of the island is settled, and each village is referred to by a number. Boats dock at the jetty at No 1 Village; the main bazaar is 2km south at No 3 Village; and most of the accommodation is strung along the east coast between villages No 2 and No 5.

Hotels in Havelock Island offer everything in a best possible way.

So many options available to suit everyone’s budget and lifestyle they desire. Few options available there are: The white sands of Vijaynagar Beach fence the Munjoh Ocean Resort in Havelock Islands, whose name originally means mine. At a distance of 54 km from the Phoenix Bay Jetty, guests can reach this resort easily. With the Havelock Beach, Elephant Beach, Neil Island and the Radhanagar Beach in its vicinity, Munjoh Ocean Resort offers convenience of tourism for its guests. Some of the famous attractions in Port Blair that travelers usually visit are the Mini Zoo, Central Agricultural Research Institute, Chatam Saw Mill and the Cellular Jail. The Munjoh Ocean Resort makes guests feel at home, while they are away from home. Perfect for both business and leisure travelers, Munjoh Ocean Resort extends an array of gratifying services.

For a great time on Havelock Island near Port Blair, The Kingdom serves as the best option, where your stay will not be any less than homely comfort. Situated close to the Havelock Harbour, The Kingdom stands at a short distance of 1 – 1.5 km from the main Harbour, the Helipad and the centre of the city. Famous for its proximity to the pristine beaches like Havelock Beach, Neil Island, Elephant Beach and the Radhanagar Beach, The Kingdom offers a convenient and joyful time to its visitors. Apart from these, you can also visit the Cellular Jail, Corbyn’s Cove, Chatam Saw Mill and the Japanese Bunker while at The Kingdom. An impeccable hospitality and top quality personalized service makes this hotel the most preferred place to stay by business and leisure travelers in Port Blair.

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