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Oscar noted that people are so intolerant that they cannot welcome dissenting opinions

Stand-up comedian, David Oscar has said people?s reaction to his comments regarding the planned ?May 16 Dumsor vigil? is a clear indication that Ghana is not practicing democracy as it claims.

Oscar had chided actress Yvonne Nelson and other celebrities who are planning a vigil against government?s handling of the power crisis in the country. He stated that it is hypocritical for the celebrities to take such stands when they have refused to proffer solutions to end the power crunch.

?I?m not even gonna [going to] be hypocritical and join the ?#?DumsorMustStop trend. How many of us have tried to conserve energy? Thanks to our waste, the dams are suffering. Don?t get me wrong, I?m a mindless critic of the president JDM, and I understand that there are alternative sources of energy, but do you think that if it was that easy to fix the power crisis, the president would not save[d] himself the blames and constant harassment?

?As a nation, we happen to be fault seekers and less of vision implementers. Dumsor must stop, but your constant whining and whimpering would not act as a magic wand. Period!? he posted on Facebook.

His comments seemed to have infuriated a section of the public as they rained insults on him.

Reacting to the situation on Live FM?s ?SundayLive with KOD?, Oscar noted that the act of people insulting him shows that Ghana?s democracy is fake.

?It has revealed how fake this democracy we claim to have is. I never insulted anybody. It was my opinion and people interpreted it the way they wanted because of semantics. To attack me for my divergent opinion tells me our democracy is fake. It is fine if the masses do this; but for an elite, then we have a problem?, he said.



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