David and Gifty lamptey

David and Gifty Lamptey

Emmanuel Lamptey, younger brother of the late business magnate, David Lamptey suspects foul play in the way and manner his relative died and is calling for investigations into the tragic event.

?It is a case of murder and cover-up or criminal negligence causing the death of my brother,? he told the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Thursday and said only an independent criminal investigation, would unveil the motive behind his demise.

David Lamptey, 61, died on December 5, last year, in Accra.

?My brother?s saga from good health to illness, to death, took an incredible 10 days. He had just returned from a seven-day trip to England, where he attended the graduation ceremony of one of the sons of Mrs Gifty Lamptey?s, his wife, who was born before she got married to Mr David Lamptey.

?People who saw him in London, attested to the fact Mr David Lamptey was not looking well and needed medical attention,? he said.

Mr Lamptey said his brother complained about swollen feet and difficulty in breathing and his doctor suspected diabetes but subsequent diagnosis proved negative.

He alleged that Mrs Lamptey however refused to allow his brother to seek an alternative medical report.

On Sunday, November 25, 2012, he took ill.

?Under normal circumstances, he should have been rushed to hospital, but this was not done,? he claimed.

?Mr David Lamptey throughout his life was instrumental in saving a lot of lives, either by personally intervening or making funds available to make sure the person received proper medical attention in Ghana or abroad, regardless of the cost.

?Sadly when he needed it most he was not given the opportunity.?

Mr Lamptey also disputed medical report about the place of death of his brother.

He said he died at his residence at House Number 198 Emperor Avenue at Trasaaco Valley Estate in Accra, and was brought to the 37 Military Hospital by Mrs Lamptey and his personal driver, Carl Quist, popularly called Dzani.

Mr Lamptey said while the relatives of the deceased were arranging for a coroner?s report at Osu Police Station on December 6, 2012, Mrs Lamptey said she knew some police personnel at Airport Police Station and would get the report from there.

A Certified Copy of Entry in Register of Deaths at 37 Military Hospital says Mr David Lamptey died at the medical facility through hypertensive heart disease with nephropathy.

Dr Seth Attoh, a Pathologist carried out the post mortem with Daniel Bentil, brother of the deceased as witness.

Mr Lamptey said there is the need for an independent enquiry into the death of his brother in the house and why a medical report claimed he died in hospital.

He is also disputing the execution of his brother?s will by Mrs Lamptey and Dr Victor Kanda of Omri Healthcare at Dzorwulu in Accra.

He questioned how a personal doctor of his late brother who attended to him on his sick bed in the house could be a co-executor of his will claimed to have been prepared on June 17, 2010.

Mr Lamptey said the disproportional disposition of the will in favour of Mrs Lamptey ?raises the eye brow?.

The circumstances leading to the death of David Lamptey and the execution of his will have attracted the attention of his family compelling them to organise a news conference in Accra in February on the issue.


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