Ema Boateng and David Accam

Ema Boateng and David Accam

Ghanaian duo David Accam and Ema Boateng are Helsingborg?s fastest offensive weapon.

The two players have enjoyed a decent run of form since joining the side and have become important steal to the Swedish side.

Accam, who has previously been called into the Ghana national team, has tormented and humiliated defenders with his speed.

?Speed ??is my strength and I actually think that I can be even faster, says David Accam who last year ran into HIF-fans? hearts.

Accam?s compatriot Ema Boateng explains that he filed quite dramatically on his running technique during the first two years of high school.

?I trained in both the 100 and 200 meters. I enjoyed it and learned a lot about running technique and how to be explosive.

?I like to do explosive exercises, and I always try to build on strength exercises so that I can be even faster.

Fitness coach Christer Olsson backed the spirit of the two Ghanaians but says there are differences between them.

?Accam is fastest at longer distances when he has time to come up to speed, while Boateng lightning starts with cruel explosiveness.

? Ema has good coordination, but is also fiercely strong. For example if you are strong in the squat, it provides automatic good explosiveness.?

Both players are aware of the effectiveness of their speed and often try to predict how they will use it most.

?Yes, I like that even to see how fast the opponents are when we check the video for the games,? said Ema Boateng.

?Since the start of the game, I always take a first chance running to test how fast my defender is.?


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