“I’ve been waiting YEARS for this Animal,” Dave Grohl said to The Muppets’ drummer. The Foo Fighters frontman got behind a drum set and challenged Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem’s drummer into a battle which was accentuated with trash talking.

Animal began first and Grohl hit the cymbal before saying, “Oh what’s that, a bell? Time for school!” They began wildly drumming in coherence and knocking down the kits. “You win,” both said while catching their breath.

The clip is from the latest episode of the ABC series which aired in Canada first before premiering Stateside on December 1 at 8 P.M. ET. Electric Mayhem is playing as the house band of Miss Piggy’s talk show. Grohl is guest starring along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Grohl is in familiar territory. He appeared in 2011’s “The Muppets” movie, starring as Animool who plays the drum in a rip-off group called “The Moopets”. It is unclear whether the TV clip serves as continuation of the storyline.

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