cheryl-hines-rfkAt the Kennedy Center Ripple of Hope Awards dinner on December 11th, there were plenty of Kennedys to go around, but the true bell of the ball was actress Cheryl Hines, who attended with boyfriend Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

?Well, they are an extraordinary group,? the comedian shared with Closer on Robert?s prestigious family. ?They sometimes can make you feel very lazy because they don’t stop. They’re either doing extreme sports or they’re fighting for human rights and sometimes I’m just getting potato chips and changing the channel.?

Cheryl, who has been dating Robert for 2 years, ?acknowledged that the group?s non-stop life-style ?is exhausting.? ?We?re going skiing. Again,? she tells the mag, unenthusiastically, adding ?I’m going to drink a lot of hot chocolate and act like I have a stomach ache for half of the day and try to catch up with them at the end.?

So does Cheryl hope to follow in the family?s political footsteps and possibly run for office? ?No!? she laughed. ?Not at this point in time. But I will let you know if I decide to.?




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