The Waterfalls are one of the true hidden gems in Devon and provide an excellent sightseeing opportunity for all holidaymakers. The fantastic waterfalls have one of the steepest drops in England, which measures at 220ft (67m). These waterfalls flow down massive rock formations into the lakes below and then flow eventually into the River Teign on Dartmoor.

Submerged in an exciting silver mining history, the Falls were founded in 1890 by the 3rd Lady Exmouth to ensure that the redundant miners in Devon still had jobs by using them to change the flow of the water so that it would flow over a high outcrop of rocks. This helped to form part of the landscape for the estate.

Buzzards View

Whilst visiting the falls, make sure you climb the Victorian steps which lead you through the beautiful Secret and Fern Gardens on the way to the summit of the Lady Exmouth Falls and Buzzard’s View.

From here you are provided with the most spectacular views across South Devon and Dartmoor. Following along the path down takes you through ancient woodland and gives you an ideal opportunity to look at the Clampitt Waterfalls, as they descend into the valley below. Another exciting walk is available if you take the path alongside Lily Lake which leads you onto wetlands and lakes and gives you the perfect opportunity to see the local wildlife in their natural habitats.

Woodland Wildlife Walks

For those of you that want to view more of the local wildlife and some wildflowers, then the woodland provide the perfect opportunity to realise that ambition.

In the early summer you will find overwhelming numbers of primroses, blue bells, wood anemonies and wild garlic. If you are lucky, there is a chance of seeing a spotting Roe or Fallow deer which populate the woods. The woods are ideal for the local wildlife and provide the perfect habitat for robins, blackbirds, finches, woodpeckers, nuthatches and wrens to nest. The Canonteign woodland had also been taken over and used to help the war effort during the 2nd World War whereby wood was chopped down, however sadly some of the wood was never collected.

If you looking to visit the Canonteign Falls, then why not stay nearby in a tavistock hotel.

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